5 Reasons Why Your Travel Business Needs Buyer Personas

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Kongo - Inbound Team
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Buyer personas form an integral part of a marketing strategy for travel companies using digital content to engage their target markets. A buyer or marketing persona is a representation of your ideal customer. Descriptions of marketing personas are derived from market research data and the information you already have on existing customers. When building these semi-fictional characters, you have to internalise your perfect customer and define them using:

  • Demographics such as age, marital status or family size, income, and gender
  • Travel behaviour: How often they travel, who they travel with, how they do their travel research, and what destinations they prefer to visit.
  • Motivations for travel: Your ideal customer could be motivated by reasons such as pleasure, adventure, social status or prestige, enhancing personal relations, or they could be travelling to improve their health and well-being.
  • Goals: What does your customer hope to achieve by the end of his or her trip?

Once you have built your audience persona, you address them in your marketing campaigns by creating content that appeals to them, and tailoring packages that are more likely to arouse their interests. They help to channel your marketing efforts in the right direction. Marketing to buyer personas is essentially marketing with a purpose. 

Why do you need buyer personas in your travel business?

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Buyer personas improve your marketing in many ways. Below are five key reasons why you should build and use them.

They help you to understand your target clients and their pain points

Buyer personas enhance your understanding of your target customers, their needs, and pain points. They help you to start seeing your customers as real people and not mere points in a spreadsheet. This realisation enables you to generate content and advertising messages that appeal to your target clients. Once customers feel your empathy, they connect with your brand. For example, if your travel business targets young families, part of your marketing strategy should be addressing their concerns of travelling with young children.

Buyer personas help you to develop products and services based on demand

Once you know what your customers want, you redirect your efforts towards creating new travel packages or services based on what they need. You are also able to make improvements on your existing products to align them with market demand. If for example, most of your customers are middle-income families, you will focus on this group while developing tour packages instead of crafting high-end packages that are more appealing to high-income customers.

Audience personas help you to segment your marketing efforts 

Defining your ideal customers helps you to segment your market, and once you know your market groups, they guide you in developing marketing strategies. For example, how you address solo female travellers or millennials should be different from how you communicate with senior customers or retired travellers. Various personas are attracted to different offers and content, and targeting each group with messages and products that appeals to them is more likely to lead to conversions.

Your buyer personas guides you in content creation and placement

Buyer personas help you to understand where your customers spend most of their time on the web as well as offline. It is easier to communicate with them and to promote your firm when you know where, when, and how to reach them. Knowing which platforms they use often helps you to market your products on the right platform.

Having an audience persona helps to align your marketing campaigns 

When everyone in your company knows your personas, the message they send out to your customers is aligned with their expectations. Buyer personas ensure that your marketing emails, blog posts, customer service response, services, and products are consistent with the needs of your target market.

Want to find out how your company can create a buyer persona, including a strategic marketing approach? Contact us now. 



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