Digital Marketing and its Influence on the Travel Industry

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As the tourism industry becomes increasingly competitive, creating and maintaining a strong online presence is the only way to ensure the relevance of businesses in this sector. More than 85% of travellers from across the world are also avid smartphone users, and according to Google, about 70% of travellers used their smartphone devices to carry out travel research in 2016. In 2017, approximately 79% of mobile travellers completed a booking after researching on a mobile device. These statistics indicate that technology is truly embedded in the travel industry. Of course you know this already. 

Why is digital marketing important for your travel business?


  • It facilitates mass outreach at reduced costs

Digital travel marketing offers tourism businesses the advantages of spreading their marketing message faster, to a larger audience, and at reduced costs. Through techniques such as emails, video releases, and social media networking, tour operators can make their target markets aware of the services they provide, their operational time, and prices. This information is vital for consumers of tourism products, and the more readily available it is on the internet, the better for your business.

  • You can use online content and promotions to influence buyer behaviour

In 2016, Google reported that an estimated 50% of millennial travellers discovered a new travel agency through mobile research. Travel research could take place months before a trip, or it could be spontaneous. Some travellers make spur of the moment decision to visit a destination or purchase a tour package when they come across a promotion, while others make unprompted in-destination bookings when they are already travelling. Also, some clients will purchase your package or services based on recommendations and or testimonials on your website or social media pages. In all these cases, readily available information plays a crucial role in shaping the buying decision of the client.

  • Digital marketing channels are a great way to get feedback from clients

Two-way communication is of essence in the travel industry, as you need to know what your client's expectations are and how well you are fulfilling them. Using interactive channels such as social media, you can gauge the quality of your services based on feedback from your clients. Feedback could include star rating, emails, social media posts, or comments on your updates.

  • It is easier to track the ROI of your marketing budget with digital marketing

With digital marketing, it is easier to measure the ROI of your marketing campaigns compared to other methods such as commercial ads. For example, you can know how much traffic you are creating to your website, how many leads you are generating, leads conversion rates, and the most effective channels.

  • Digital marketing enhances customer relationships

Repeat business is of essence in the travel industry, and maintaining a good rapport with your customers is the best way to ensuring they purchase your services again in the future. Using digital platforms, you can keep in touch with your customers and update them on new packages through promotions. You can also engage them using content, which translates into sales in the long run.

  • How do you get started with digital marketing?

To get started with digital marketing for travel the industry, you need to have a travel marketing plan. The plan outlines the marketing approach and the methods of advertising you will use to promote destinations. To build a travel marketing plan, you need to review the modes of marketing you have used in past campaigns and their effectiveness, research and outline current trends in the travel industry, lay out new marketing strategies for your destinations, set goals using these approaches, and finally, state when you hope to achieve these objectives.

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