August's HubSpot New Feature Highlights

Kongo - Inbound Team
Kongo - Inbound Team

Another month, and another round of updates for HubSpot users. In this article, we’ll break down all the latest new features and improvements aimed at making life easier for you and your business.

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Multi-language Blog Authors and Tags

In today’s globally connected world, creating blog posts in multiple languages is a great way to expand the reach of your brand and connect with people across cultures.

With this new update, whenever you create a blog post in a certain language, a blog tag is automatically pulled in to match that language. It helps group things together and organise your content more efficiently.

To find out more, click here.

Free Landing Pages

When you’re building successful regeneration campaigns, it’s important to focus on end-to-end customer experience. 

Now, you can do this more easily with a free landing page builder added to the tools available in HubSpot’s CRM. It’s easy to build landing pages to grow your business and improve customer experience, and free users can create up to 20 landing pages with the feature.

Read on to find out more.

User Deletion Improvement

Internal user turnover can be a challenging and frustrating thing for your teams to deal with. When removing a user from your HubSpot team you have to reassign the assets they own or risk rendering your team ineffective and leaving your customers hanging.

This new update shows your users’ owned assets so you can easily view and reassign them before deleting the user. It keeps your team efficient and customer conversations fully contextual.

Facebook & LinkedIn Website Traffic Campaigns

When you build a new webpage, one of the most important tasks facing you is how to generate enough traffic.

One of the best ways to do this is by creating a website traffic campaign on Facebook or LinkedIn. Now, with this update, you can do this whole process on HubSpot, without having to leave the platform to create your campaigns (which link directly to the landing pages).

Find out more here.

Multi-Auth for Ad Account Connections

In the past, only one user in a portal had the permissions to connect an ad account. With this update, multi-authentication is possible for ad accounts.

In other words, anyone on your team with ads publishing permission can connect their ad accounts, create and manage campaigns, and create audiences and events.

Read more about this here.

Preview Social Posts

When creating and editing a social post in HubSpot, it helps to be able to preview the end result. It’s now possible to do this for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter posts.

HubSpot shows an accurate representation of the final result as it would look on the platform, allowing you to get a clear idea of what you’re creating and make any tweaks needed.

To find out more, click here.

Task Daily Digest

If you use tasks throughout the day in HubSpot, you’ll likely end up with a lot of email notifications.

This new update streamlines the most important tasks in one digest email to keep things simple. Every morning at 8 am in your portal’s local timezone, task users will get one digest email showing the total number of tasks due for the day and the top 3 most important tasks based on priority. It’s available to all task users.

To find out more and learn how to get started, click here.

Time Between Calculated Properties

All HubSpot Professional and Enterprise users can now use calculated properties to calculate the time between two important dates.

For example — how long does it take for a deal to close, or for a new contact to become a sales qualified lead? You can run reports on these newly calculated properties to better understand the health of your flywheel.

Find out more here.

Keep Your HubSpot Data Clean

Admins in HubSpot can now export property definitions to get a detailed look at all properties for contacts, companies, deals, tickets, and products.

This is great for planning out complicated internal processes, merging hubs, or just general account cleanup. You can also now permanently delete data for contacts, companies, deals, and tickets to maintain a clean and tidy HubSpot account — something which could previously only be done by super admins with GDPR features enabled.

It’s now easy to do in just a few clicks — find out more here.

Logged-in Visitor Identification

If you have a login feature on any of your web pages (whether they’re HubSpot hosted or an external site), you can now identify logged-in visitors from HubSpot’s conversations inbox.

When visitors message your team, alongside a visitor’s message in the inbox you’ll also see known information from their contact record along with any chat history with other team members.

It provides a richer context for you to deliver a faster and more personalised experience to customers and is available to all HubSpot Professional and Enterprise teams.

Learn more here.

Zoom App Updates

This month there are two updates around the Zoom App. HubSpot users now have the ability, along with any other meeting participants, to get a notification within HubSpot when a Zoom Cloud report becomes available on a HubSpot contact record.

You can even use password protection provided by Zoom for recordings and share recording links with others. This feature is available to all Marketing and CMS Hub Starter, Professional, and Enterprise users.

Click here to find out how to get started (you’ll need to re-authenticate the Zoom app).

The second Zoom-related update for this month involves the new sync features on the Zoom settings page. These three new updates give you more control over sync settings:

  • Auto-sync data from all new webinars
  • Sync webinars to make sure new registrants and participants are in hs
  • Re-sync all data from previous webinars

Find out more here.

HubSpot Email Campaigns in WordPress Plugin

You can now send HubSpot email campaigns directly from WordPress. Previously, you needed to use a form plugin integrated with an email service provider like Mailchimp, then send email campaigns in another tool.

Now you can use a HubSpot form or chat to automatically capture contacts in HubSpot’s CRM. You can organise contacts into lists and send an email campaign all without ever leaving WordPress.

Learn more here.

These updates promise to make life even easier for HubSpot users of all kinds. At Kongo, we can help you use HubSpot as effectively as possible to get the benefits from all these features and more, and grow your business. To learn more, get in touch.


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