July's HubSpot New Feature Highlights

Kongo - Inbound Team
Kongo - Inbound Team
HubSpot Product Updates July 2020
HubSpot Product Updates July 2020

It’s been another busy and exciting month for the HubSpot team, and they’ve announced a range of new updates that will be of interest to platform users.

In this post, we’ll break down the main updates and show you how to get started with them.

So let's jump in.

Workflows ‘Wait Until’ Delays

The Workflows tool in HubSpot is a huge asset to many, allowing them to automate tedious tasks and make sure everyone — customers and team members — gets the right message at the right time.

However, a big issue with the tool was that sometimes workflow steps would execute at night or on weekends. An email you automated on Tuesday morning might hit the recipient’s inbox at 3 pm on Sunday. Not the best time for anyone.

With the new update, you can keep an item from executing until a specific day and time. You can stop your email arriving on Sunday, and force it to be sent during normal working hours instead.

This gives teams more control over workflows, and it leads to more convenient outcomes for customers. You can even incorporate time zones to ensure your customers and team members abroad get the same benefits.

Read more and find out how to get started here.

Meetings Link Edit Permissions

Until now, managers didn’t have a way to verify that a sales rep had set up things correctly when it came to meeting links. With round-robin links, for example, the creator was the only one who had the power to change the link, and they might not always be around. This led to some frustrating situations.

Now, however, “super admins” can create and edit meetings links on behalf of other users. They can filter by user to quickly see all links, edit existing ones, and create new ones.

Read more and learn how to do it here.

Bulk Unenrol for Sequences

It’s sometimes necessary to unenrol contacts from a sequence, and most of us have experienced this before. Previously, it was impossible to unenrol multiple contacts at once — you had to do it one-by-one.

With this update, you can now select multiple contacts and unenrol them from any sequence in one link.

Find out more here.

Sequence Delays Updates

Mondays can be a challenge at the best of times. In the past, Mondays sometimes came with extra pain as the week began with a massive buildup of emails and tasks created from sequences.

This was because sequence step delays had prevented emails and tasks from sending on weekends, so they would all bunch off on Monday instead, leaving you with a big workload and a bigger headache.

Now, tasks and email steps will distribute evenly through the week. Both sequence updates are available for SalesHub professional and enterprise customers.

Find out more and get started here.

Tasks in Gmail

Until now, you couldn’t access your HubSpot tasks in Gmail, but with this new update, you can work directly from Gmail and complete the task in one place. In fact, you can open the task directly from within Gmail via the sidebar, providing a new level of convenience.

Multi-Pipeline Sync from Salesforce

The HubSpot integration for Salesforce now has the ability to sync multiple sales processes from Salesforce into individual HubSpot pipelines.

What does this mean? Well, previously, all Salesforce opportunities were synced into one HubSpot pipeline called the sales pipeline. An unfortunate effect of this was that users were prevented from using individual pipelines they had purchased, and were also blocked from installing HubSpot’s ecommerce integration.

With the new update, these issues are a thing of the past. Click here to read more.

Include Custom HTML to the Head of Individual Blog Post

When it comes to SEO, anything that can provide a slight edge is well worth trying out. That means more ability to customise and control your content in search engines is extremely valuable.

This update gives HubSpot users more control over how they track posts and present information in search results. For example, you can now add schema markup to individual blog posts to help search engines provide helpful info to customers.

Read more about this update here.

Themes and Serverless Functions in the Design Manager

This new update adds themes and serverless functions in the design manager, and also allows users to view the app HubSpot folder within the design manager.

Most developers will still prefer local development within the CMS hub, and that will still be completely possible. However, this update brings all the core functionalities directly into the design manager, so you can carry out tasks here if needed.

Read more here.

Blog Subscription Emails for CMS Hub

CMS customers now have access to the same blog email subscription functionality that marketing hub customers have.

Now, CMS Hub professional and enterprise customers can send up to 2000 blog subscription emails per month. This allows you to update your audience every time you publish new blog content, keeping them in the loop, and ensuring you stay at the top of their mind.

Read more about this update here.

This newest round of updates should make life easier for most HubSpot users, and helps iron out some of the more common issues.

To find out how you can make best use of these new features, book a time with Adrian here.