Importance of Video in Your B2B Marketing Strategy: Bringing a More Personalised Angle

Kongo - Inbound Team
Kongo - Inbound Team

It's easy to become complacent in the B2B industry after doing your marketing the same way for years. Since you sell either industrial products or other items businesses need, you may think overly personal or visual marketing isn't compatible with your B2B marketing strategy.

In truth, the more personalised and visual you can make your B2B marketing, the more barriers you break. Video is the real secret. It opens the doors to making you look human rather than an assembly line provider of business products or services.

The B2B world has finally realised video's power and what it can do to help attract the right prospects while providing something visually entertaining.

Take a look at the best trends to uphold to find success with video for the coming year.


The Strong Pull of Video Marketing

According to HubSpot, 74% of all web traffic is now based on people watching videos. This means increasing video views on mobile and not just desktop.

It's all the more important to realise that 28% of all smartphone users watch videos on their devices.

Now you know how many people watch videos on the go, something that many of your business prospects likely do.

Considering most business owners are usually on the go, you'll want to catch them there with videos that give them information they want in minutes.


Where Should You Post Your Video?

One of the major trends in B2B video marketing is to post your videos in as many places as you can.

While making your video responsive to mobile screens is essential, note that 71% of B2B prospects watch on vendor websites. Another 65% watch on places like YouTube, but 64% watch on tech content sites.

This gives you some good stats to work with in where you should post your video. It also helps to post your content directly on your B2B website to relate it to the products you're offering.

Next, though, you'll have to tackle what kind of video content you want to create and what the approach is.


Video Content Ideas

It helps to look at what kind of video content performs the best with leads. When a business wants to evaluate your products or services, they'll most likely go for tech news reports or live events you put together.

Keep in mind with live streaming capability being easy to do now (Facebook Live as an example), you can do more live events. Going live is one of the most preferred video approaches for prospects looking to determine their business needs.

This doesn't mean you should avoid some standard video approaches taped in advance.


Proving Your Expertise With Testimonials or How-To's

A great video technique to prove your expertise is to capture other business owners talking about how you helped them solve a problem. One of the best angles is a storytelling approach by letting your past customers explain what their problem was and how you solved it.

There isn't any more compelling way to prove your authority, as well as product quality.

It's not to say a standard how-to video can't bring the same kind of storytelling element. You're better off dividing up a how-to into a short video series. Ultimately, this makes them easier to consume on mobile devices when businesses need information in a hurry.


Giving Behind-the-Scenes Tours

Bringing transparency to your B2B business is a great way to market yourself. Doing so removes all formality you're used to in the B2B industry.

A behind-the-scenes tour on video is a great way to open your business up and showcase your employees. Plus, it's a perfect way to show your prospects how you make your products and the process you use to bring consistent quality.

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