Should I Be Using LinkedIn as Part of My B2B Marketing Strategy?

Kongo - Inbound Team
Kongo - Inbound Team

The B2B industry is one that still has a lot to catch up on in the way of digital marketing, and some of that involves social media. As someone who works in the B2B field, you may still think social media is a waste of time, especially if your business is overly niche.

While not all social channels make sense, one particularly place is ideal for B2B communities. If you've ignored LinkedIn simply because you thought it was a place to post a business resume, think again.

LinkedIn has become the supreme social hub for all professionals. Making it central to B2B marketing strategy. Those of you with B2B companies need to look into using their services since you can do more to network and promote yourself than you've maybe known.


How Many B2B Companies Use LinkedIn?

According to recent statistics, 92% of all B2B businesses use LinkedIn now as their primary social media channel. It's not surprising when those same stats show that 59% of all lead generation for B2B companies come from LinkedIn.

The reasons behind this are numerous, though it's one of the best social channels to nurture relationships, establish thought leadership, and build an online community. These are just a few, but it pays to look into the specific features of LinkedIn to see why.

Thanks to the site giving you more features than what you've probably seen, it's time to look more carefully at what's possible.


Generating Leads on LinkedIn

More recent data shows that 80% of all leads for B2B industries come from LinkedIn. One great feature on LinkedIn is the ability to give you more personalized ways to identity leads. For lead generation, this is invaluable because the more you know about your leads, the better chance of them converting.

Since you can already set up a detailed profile about yourself on the site, leads already know everything they need to know about you. This includes individual staff being able to create their own profile pages.

It's here where prospects can pose questions to you and where you can communicate with them one-on-one. Being able to do this all in one place is rare enough in social media. Don't think such an environment is only suited to the B2C crowd since other business prospects look out for partnerships on LinkedIn.


Providing Thought Leadership

Being able to build clout and your reputation in the B2B industry can become difficult without explaining yourself a little better to prospects. LinkedIn lets you set up more detailed profiles so you can prove your expertise through your prior connections, education, and products.

Thanks to the site giving you specific domains to do this, you can uphold your industry reputation by being able to communicate directly with prospects you're seeking. You'll also become like a trusted advisor, which helps immeasurably in securing how other businesses view you.


Networking With Others to Expand Your Reach

One of the truly great features of LinkedIn is LinkedIn Groups, giving you opportunity to link up with more people in the same industry you're in. The true benefit of this is being able to share content and nurture valuable business contacts who can help you out along the way.

Posing questions to B2B experts or fellow B2B businesses lets you gain insights into how to go about your B2Bs marketing strategies. Basically, it's a place where those in B2B can congregate to do symbiotic networking where everyone benefits.

What's important is to look for specific LinkedIn Groups that can help you in your marketing efforts. Some lists are available online showing which groups could best help all your marketing initiatives.

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