Top 10 Travel Digital Marketing and Advertising Campaigns from Cannes Lions 2017

Kongo - Inbound Team
Kongo - Inbound Team

Thee most creative work in the travel and tourism industry is rewarded at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. Some of the most creative people from around the world came together in France taking place from 17-24 of June to see who would take home an award for their campaign in travel. Here is a list of ten of the most awarded digital travel marketing and advertising campaigns from the event.

  1. Visit Britain, Expedia. Visit Britain and Expedia teamed up to create five separate videos showcasing five different areas of Britain. The locals of each area claimed that their area was the only place a tourist needed to visit. The videos were created to show why each part of Britain was worth visiting, hoping to lure tourists to other areas besides just the city. The campaign created a $1.6 million increase in revenue in just the first six weeks. They won three different awards for the campaign. 
  1. Cinema To Go, Air France. Have you ever started watching a movie during a flight, but was forced to quit watching once the flight ended? Air France used a video campaign to show that they are trying to fix that problem. Air France gave passengers iTunes gift cards that directed them to a list of movies that  matched the airline's library. Passengers could then purchase the movie that they started while on board the flight. You'll never have to worry about how that movie ended now.
  1. Until We All Belong, Airbnb. Airbnb wanted to do a campaign that spotlighted the fact that Australia still does not allow legalized same-sex marriage. They created the Acceptance Ring, which was designed by Marc Newson, to symbolize the gap between rights of opposite-sex and same-sex marriages.
  1. The DNA Journey, Momondo. The travel brand fought prejudice in their campaign film. They interviewed 67 people about the prejudices they have against others, and then offered those people DNA tests to learn their heritage. Many of them found out they were ancestors of those same people that they were prejudiced against. The campaign won a Gold PR Lion, two Silver PR Lions, two Silver Film Lions, Bronze Film Craft Lion, and a Bronze Cyber Lion.
  1. Doors of Thrones, Tourism Ireland. Many fans of the hit TV show Game of Thrones will know that some of the filming locations are found in Northern Ireland. The Storm Gertrude knocked down some old beech trees at The Dark Hedges, which is known as the location of "The Kingsroad" on the show. Tourism Ireland carved scenes from the show into the trees, and the doors made from them were placed at locations around Northern Ireland to help improve tourism in the area. The short film created about the project was viewed more than 17 million times.
  1. Google Sheep View, Visit Faroe Islands & Atlantic Airways. The Faroe Islands are so small that even Google didn't bother to create Google Street Views of its roads. Visit Faroe Islands and Atlantic Airways created a campaign called Google Sheep Views to help display the beauty of the area. There were 360 cameras and mobile phones strapped to sheep that wandered the island, and they picked up the amazing nature of the island from a new perspective. The campaign won three awards for the creative videos.
  1. Drag, Drop, and Go, Cheap Flights. Cheap Flights and the Uncle Grey agency came up with a promotional banner that let users drag-and-drop articles from sports, arts, music events, and other things that they were interested in at the time. The banner then served up flight prices to those events that they were interested in. The campaign focused on getting people to the events that they most wanted to be at.                              
  2. Quest to Legoland, Legoland Florida Resort. They used GPS data to create mobile phone adventures for families that were travelling to the Legoland park. The app create a route to the park with 60 points of interest along the way, which were activities to enjoy on the way. The points of interest along the way and inside the park created a story for the user to go through. Since there are so many points of interests and four separate stories, each individual has a unique experience. The campaign won three awards between the Mobile and Digital Craft categories.
  1. The Swedish Number, Swedish Tourist Association. The Swedish Number was created to help Swedes talk to each other about destinations within Sweden, but it ended up also helping increase tourism. Swedes could dial a number to be connected to a random person where they could discuss anything they wanted. It won a Gold and Silver Lion in the Creative Effectiveness division.
  1. Van Gogh's Bedrooms: Let Yourself In. Only about 25 percent of paid visitors to the Art Institute of Chicago were locals, and they needed to boost attendance among the locals. They featured an exhibition on Van Gogh's work, and they recreated his bedroom to allow people to stay in it through Airbnb. It was very successful and raised local attendance by 97 percent. It won the Grand Prix and Silver Lion award in the Creative Effectiveness category.

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