HubSpot Updates — What’s New for August 2021

Kongo - Inbound Team
Kongo - Inbound Team

Another month, another round of updates from the HubSpot team. In this article we’ll run through all the new features HubSpot users can enjoy from now on, helping you run and grow your businesses more effectively.

Multi-Hub Updates

Zoom Integration for Conversation Intelligence

HubSpot’s Zoom integration now works with conversation intelligence, allowing you to automatically record, transcribe, and analyse your calls. It’s now easier than ever to combine your customers’ voices with your CRM. Find out more here.

Deal Probability
This update allows you to edit deal probability properties or in bulk by workflows. Now you can simplify how probabilities are used across deals, forecasting, and reporting. Learn more here.

Call Review on Mobile

The call review feature makes it possible to review rep calls on the Android and iPhone mobile apps. This is a powerful asset for sales managers, allowing them to dive into recorded calls to mentor, coach, and bring new reps on board. Get started here.

Follow-Up Tasks on Mobile

With this update for the HubSpot Mobile App, you can use follow-up tasks to automate reminders for things like actions on notes, logged calls, meetings, and emails. All you need to do is set a due date and time for your tasks, and you’ll get a reminder when it’s time to follow up. Learn more.

App Marketplace + August Featured Collection

With this latest marketplace collection, you can access a range of features like CRM cards and timeline events, and new functionalities like connecting your CRM with calling, SMS, project management, and eCommerce apps. Find out more here.


CMS Hub Starter Launch + Envato

The new CMS Hub Starter has now launched, aimed at helping users generate business from their websites. It’s all geared towards improving customer experience with the only CRM-powered CMS out there. CMS Hub Starter is available on the Envato Marketplace and includes more than 250 themes. You can get started here.

Theme Upload on Envato Themes

Envato’s ThemeForest Marketplace is the perfect place to buy and download HubSpot Themes. It’s incredibly easy to download, unzip, and upload your themes into HubSpot, giving you a new level of customisability and control. Find out more and get started here.

Domains Limit Increase

With this update, CMS Hub Enterprise customers can now get 10 domains out of the box. Want to buy more? Additional domains can be purchased for just $100 per domain a month


This update allows you to combine modules to form different sections for your site. It’s a great option for marketers, allowing you to drag and drop pre-packaged modules onto a page, allowing you to build a dazzling and effective site without having to worry about endless technical elements. Learn more about it here.

Brand Kits

If you’re a business unit user, you can now create multiple brand kits — each with their own individual logos and colours — and assign each one to a unit. You can even use your brand kit settings to customise pages, emails, and forms with colour picker favourites. Get started here.

Growth Theme

Growth is a brand new theme aimed at content editing features like sections, style fields, and blog listing editing. It allows you to build beautiful and user-friendly websites incredibly easily, totally independently. Find out more here.

Accelerator Program Themes

HubSpot now has an accelerator program for themes. You can check the Marketplace to find a brand new set of themes, tested and optimised with the help of HubSpot’s partners and providers. These themes are available for all CMS Hub Starter, Professional, and Enterprise customers. Browse here.


Conditional Sections

This update allows you to customise your CRM records further than before by controlling which properties are displayed in a specific section. You can add custom objects and select properties to the conditional sections of contact records — like displaying properties on a contact record related to their purchase only when that contact is in the "customer" lifecycle stage. It’s a simplified way for admins to handle property data and ensure what you share is always relevant. Learn more here.

Import/Export Translations

Working with multiple languages can be challenging. With this latest update, you can now request an export file in your preferred language. Headers will be automatically translated, and you can even import a file with translated headers and HubSpot will find the right properties to map. You can get started here.

Marketing Hub

Business Units

With business units, you can now manage multiple brands from a single HubSpot account. You can separate things like contacts and marketing assets by business unit, and do a whole host of other tasks like cross-sell and up-sell campaigns to reach each audience segment, track all contacts and preferences by brand, and choose between reporting on overall performance or drilling down into specific campaigns. Find out more here.

Service Hub

Multiple CES Surveys

This update allows you to track customer loyalty for all your custom ticket pipelines using multiple Customer Effort Score (CES) surveys. It also works for all supported languages, and is easily accessed within HubSpot’s feedback survey tool. Learn more here.

No-Index KB Search Pages

Now you can no-index the search results pages for your KB articles. That means you can protect and control your web presence more effectively, ensuring only KB articles show up in search engine results.

This latest slew of updates is geared towards making life easier and more productive for everyone on your team. Stay tuned and we’ll be back next month with another roundup of HubSpot’s latest new features.

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