What’s New: HubSpot’s April 2022 Product Updates

Kongo - Inbound Team
Kongo - Inbound Team

It’s April — a month of new beginnings, fresh hope, and, in HubSpot’s case, a truckload of exciting new updates to look forward to. In this article, we’ll take a look at what’s new for April and what it means for all HubSpot users.

Multi-Hub Updates

CRM Associations Improvements

The new update to associations makes it possible to assign multiple different companies to a single contact, deal, or ticket. This makes it much easier to keep track of contacts, tickets, and deals that are affiliated with multiple different companies. By gaining a clearer and more dynamic picture of your relationships this way, you’ll be able to personalise outreach and optimise your CRM experience. Find out more here.

Sync Health

How do you know when your records are out of sync or malfunctioning? The new sync health update from HubSpot helps you quickly diagnose issues with your CRM and identify which ones are syncing and which ones aren’t. Learn more.

Field-Level View Permissions

This update allows you to control who can see what within your CRM, making it easier to keep sensitive information safe, minimising risk, and giving you peace of mind. Find out more.

Mobile Conversation Intelligence Updates

With HubSpot’s Mobile Conversation Intelligence, sales managers and reps can use search, sort, and filter capabilities to find out which calls to review next. Now, HubSpot is bringing in new features like enhanced transcripts, push notifications when a certain “@” is mentioned in comments, a new call info tab, and much more. Learn more here.

Apps for Delightful Sales and Service

This new collection from HubSpot features many impressive applications, all built to interact better with customers and prospects and manage those interactions within HubSpot. The result — a connected software stack and a frictionless, delightful, authentic customer experience throughout the sales and service journey. Click here to get started.


Copy as HubL for Page Sections

This update allows CMS developers to save time when building pages, by scaffolding out sections in the editor for landing and website pages and then copying the area’s generated HubL — including module and layout data — so it can simply be pasted when needed. 

This way, you’ll save time when building custom sections and be free to focus on other section customisations and tasks. Find out more.

A New Place to Edit Blog Listing Pages in the Blog Tool

This new addition to HubSpot’s blog tool allows users to find and edit blog listing pages more easily. You can now edit existing blog listings in the content editor and change the template of blog listing pages. Get started here.

Set Default Domain Within the SEO Recommendations Tool

HubSpot users can now set a default subdomain in the SEO tool. This way, whenever you open the tool you’ll be taken straight to the recommendations for the most relevant domain, boosting efficiency and productivity. Find out more here.

Filter & Sorting for SEO Recommendations

With this update, users will be able to filter and sort SEO issues from the recommendations home screen. You can now order recommendations according to SEO impact, SEO issue category, and technical difficulty, giving your more control over your SEO work and helping you drive more organic web traffic than ever before. Click here to get started.

CRM Object Property Module Field

This new module field type pulls in a CRM property and any associated data. This allows content creators to select from object properties when they need to display property details on a page. Find out more about this update here.

Visual Update to Personalisation Tokens

Personalisation tokens represent property values for CRM objects like contacts and companies. This new update makes them easier to read and view, making it easier for HubSpot users to navigate the CRM and get the job done. Learn more here.

Marketing Hub

Compare Marketing Campaigns with the Comparison Tool

The new comparison tool within Campaigns allows you to compare campaigns side by side, quickly identify any opportunities and areas for growth, and gain more useful insights into your marketing. Find out more here.

Associate Forms with Marketing Campaigns

This update allows you to associate forms with your HubSpot marketing campaigns. Forms allow you to measure success more easily, understanding when someone goes from being a stranger to a lead, or from uninterested to a webinar guest. Learn more and get started.

Service Hub

Add a Custom Meta Description to Your Knowledge Base Articles

Now HubSpot users can add a custom meta description to knowledge base articles, giving you more control over how your search results appear in search engines like Google. You can organise articles by category and subcategory and tag them with relevant search terms to consistently reach the right audience. Learn more here.

Reminder Email for NPS Surveys

Net Promoter Scores (NPS) are great ways to get a handle on your customer loyalty, helping you better understand your customer base and make more informed decisions to grow your business. This update makes it easy to send automatic reminder emails to send NPS surveys, helping you maximise engagement and collect enough data to get reliable scores. Find out more.

Here at Kongo, we’re excited about this latest round of updates and how they’ll make life easier for us and our clients. Stay tuned for more regular updates from HubSpot and what they mean for marketers everywhere.

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