What’s New: HubSpot’s May 2022 Product Updates

Kongo - Inbound Team
Kongo - Inbound Team


It feels like summer is well on the way, and to brighten your mood even more we’ve done a roundup of all HubSpot’s latest new features and updates and what they mean for users. Let’s dive in.

Multi-Hub Updates

Inbound Calling & HubSpot Provided Phone Numbers

This update allows HubSpot users to centralise all phone conversation records in one place. You can now forward inbound calls to your phone and use the same number for outbound calls. The update also allows you to set up call transcription and coaching, allowing you to more easily review calls and look at factors like script and length to improve results. The update is available to Sales and Service Hub Starter customers with a HubSpot-provided US, UK, or Canadian phone number. Find out more here.

Call Transcription & Coaching, Playbooks Coming to Sales and Service Hub Pro

Sales and Service reps can now view call recordings and transcripts directly in the CRM. Combine with coaching and playbooks features, this makes it easier than ever to get an insightful look at your sales and service interactions to make improvements and optimise customer interactions.

With playbooks, you can also create interactive content cards to display in contact, company, deal, and ticket records — standardising notes and saving time when speaking to prospects and customers.

Learn more about review recordings and playbooks.

Recurring ACH

You can now collect and manage recurring payments with HubSpot payments combined with a subscription record in the CRM. Customers just need to enable recurring ACH as a payment method in payment links or quotes. Find out more here.

Payment Object

The new payment object feature offers detailed transaction information on the payments index page. With capabilities like automation, team notification, and reporting capabilities, it’s now easier than ever to manage payments. Select a payment to view more transaction details in a sidebar panel, and check out what other CRM objects like line items, subscriptions, and deals are associated with the payment. Learn more about the payment object feature.

Marketing Hub

Associate your Forms with Marketing Campaigns

Forms are a powerful asset for marketers, and understanding the impact of forms on your campaigns can help with your tactics, goals, and outcomes. With this latest update, HubSpot users can now associate forms with marketing campaigns so you can track submissions and create, close, and report on deals. This update covers forms embedded on HubSpot pages, external websites, and content management systems. Find out more.

Ads Performance Data in Custom Reporting

With the custom report builder, it’s possible to analyse the performance of campaign ads from your connected Google, LinkedIn, and Facebook ad accounts. You can now customise reports according to selected metrics from your ad campaigns and networks, gaining a better understanding of important data like amount spent, clicks, impressions, network conversions, and much more. Learn more here.

Email Health by Industry

It’s important to be able to assess your email marketing performance. This update allows you to see how your emails compare with the rest of your industry, helping you gain valuable insights. You can choose a general view of all industries or toggle between sector-specific benchmarks, helping you take a more data-driven approach to optimising your emails. Click here to find out more.

Account-Based Marketing Apps

This new app collection is full of account-based marketing apps you can connect with HubSpot to bring your sales and marketing teams closer together. Access custom and pre-built ABM reports and dashboards to track and manage your strategies, focus your sales and marketing efforts on highly-targeted clients, and more. Learn more here.

Sales Hub

Microsoft Exchange Support

You can now link your Microsoft Exchange account to HubSpot, using it as a connected inbox to send emails and then log replies to the CRM. You can also share meetings links in the integrated calendar to make scheduling smoother. Learn more and get started.

This new round of updates promises to make life even easier and more productive for HubSpot users in a whole host of areas. We can’t wait to see the results in our own and our clients’ work.

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