HubSpot Updates — What’s New For October 2021?

Kongo - Inbound Team
Kongo - Inbound Team

It’s October, and among all the skeletons and jack o’ lanterns we have a fresh round of HubSpot updates to share. Here’s a quick breakdown of what’s new for HubSpot partners and users in the month of October.

Marketing Hub

HubSpot named a leader in Gartner’s new report

HubSpot is now a leader in Gartner’s 2021 Magic Quadrant for B2B Marketing Automation Platforms. This is a report that combines research in a number of specific markets and is a major accolade for HubSpot. As a HubSpot partner, we’re thrilled to see them recognised in this way. You can find out more about the report and what it means here.


Multi-Hub Updates

Association Improvements (in Open Beta)

This update makes it possible to associate multiple company records with contacts, deals, and tickets. Professional and enterprise users get even more, like the ability to clarify and specify relationships between CEM objects by creating and adding labels to associations.

You can tailor your CRM to reflect the way your business runs by filtering lists and creating workflows based on the associated labels you created. Learn more here.

Forecast Submissions

With forecast submissions, you can help stakeholders understand sales performance more easily. In the past, forecasts would only draw from the previous performance, but now sales and service reps can look to the future — estimating how they’ll perform on a quarterly or monthly basis going forward for a more accurate understanding. It’s available for Sales and Service Hub Professional customers. Learn more here.

October Marketplace Collection - Enterprise CRM Platform

With the HubSpot CRM platform, combined with the apps from the latest marketplace collection, you can scale your business more easily. Bring marketing, customer support, and operations together to build a more connected and customisable CRM driven by the latest cutting-edge apps. Get started here.


Blog Listing Page Editing

Editing blog listing pages has never been easier. With this latest update, you can edit them just like you would a normal page— by dragging modules around the listing page, easily viewing analytics, and making modules smart wherever needed. Even better, all default HubSpot themes now support this new feature. Learn more and get started.

Theme Settings Powered by Brand Defaults

Brand settings are a way of quickly applying your company’s colours, logos, and favicons across all your HubSpot content. Now, you can access these settings with a fields.json file, and developers can pull theme settings directly from brand defaults with the "inherited_value" field within your fields.json file. Get started here.

Saved Sections

This update is built to help marketers save time both creating and editing content. You can now go into the content editor and create your own sections without relying on developers, and these saved sections will inherit any smart rules applied to them. This means it’s easier than ever for marketers to bring personalised experiences from one page to the next. Find out more here.

Improved SEO Alt Text Recommendations

The SEO Recommendations Home feature now has two separate alt text SEO recommendations. Which one you’ll use depends on whether your website is missing alt text entirely or if it contains a blank alt text value. This helps you directly address a number of image-based SEO issues and other things like accessibility and image legibility. Learn more here.

3 New SEO Recommendations

Thanks to this update, you can now access three new SEO recommendations in the SEO tool. They are:

  • "Don't use the <meta http-equiv="refresh"> tag" — remove this tag to stop your pages refreshing automatically and improve user experience
  • "Make your link anchors more descriptive" — suggests more original replacement text for generic anchors like “click here” and “pay now”
  • "Make sure search engines can process your page links" — correctly format your links for better search engine crawls


Learn more about this update here.




The sandboxes tool allows you to experiment by testing different customer experience elements before they go live. It’s a safe environment that mimics your production account and can be used to set up sales pipelines, test integrations, and build new modules or web assets, all without disrupting your teams’ day-to-day work. Learn more and get started.


Sales Hub


With HubSpot payments, you can enjoy a natively built and streamlined process that powers the buyer experience from within your CRM. This helps ensure a smooth and personalised experience for your buyers across touchpoints like quotes, chat, email, web, and more.

You can introduce new revenue streams, enable touchless sales, and allow recurring payments for a far less disjointed and friction-filled experience for everyone. The update is available in beta for Pro+ customers in the United States. Find out more here.

Mobile Forecasting

Mobile-friendly tools are a powerful asset for sales teams as they move around. For this reason, HubSpot’s forecasting tool is now available on mobile, helping sales leaders quickly check team progress and updates wherever they are. Learn more here.

Deal Splits

With Deal Splits, you can share credit for a deal with up to 5 users. This is a great way to incentivise reps to give customers the best sales experience possible. You can easily keep track of deal attainment and retain CRM adoption all in one system and use custom reports and data to make sure everyone gets the appropriate credit. Find out more about this feature here.

This latest round of updates has something for everyone and is a reminder of HubSpot’s commitment to responding to their users’ comments and needs. Stay tuned for next month’s roundup.

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